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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

BuddyMapping - What a cool Web 2.0 application!
I just discovered the service of BuddyMapping yesterday and it instantly made sense to me. An easy way to visualize readers or visitors of blogs and websites, combined with the option to leave comments and images. The perfect guestbook!
As a bonus, it works really smoothly, combines some of my favourite web-features (uses Google Maps, AJAX, etc.) and is VERY user friendly.

This is what BuddyMapping does: The service allows you to create a map where people (friends, blog-readers, website visitors, etc.) can add a digital pin of their location and leave information (i.e. email address, images, comments). Think of it as a guestbook with vastly improved functionality AND spatial context. Say, you're from Switzerland and plan to come to New Zealand to do some mountaineering. You might stumble across my blog and find some useful information here. You then leave a pin on the map with your location in Switzerland and your email address. Next time I'm in Europe, I might want to get in touch with someone that could give me ideas about mountaineering in Switzerland. I'd look on the map, find people in or around Switzerland and send out emails. If there wasn't a map, it would be a lot more difficult to determine where people come from...

But there is a lot more to BuddyMapping that I like! Not everybody wants to reveal their exact location (you might rather share information about your hometown than street address) or email address. The service allows for different levels of details and you don't have to create a user account!

In short: I like it! That's why I added it to my sidebar. Clicking the link opens another page with the "Kiwitracks Reader Map" where you can easily add yourself to the map. Try it out, it's easy and fun.
Let's see whether we can get some dots on the map!

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